The first rhino down at Tshukudu

HOEDSPRUIT - Tshukudu is a privately owned property that has been the pride and joy of the Sussens family for 36 years. We have always done our own Anti-Poaching throughout the years and it has proven to be very successful until recently.

On Monday May 2, we experienced what so many other people have had to go through, our first poached rhino. This particular rhino female was 31 years of age and passed breeding state, but she held such a special meaning to the farm, family and all who knew her. Tshukudu means ‘rhino’ and was named after her because she was the first rhino to be released on this particular property. Her family name to us was ‘Ala’ named after the founder of Tshukudu Ala Sussens.

We all have enjoyed many days with her and her calves that she has been lucky enough to have had. But we are all feeling heartbroken at this time, knowing that she was the first and more than likely not the last. We do realise this, and it is a reality that we all have to face at some point.

Over the years we have done all our own anti-poaching, we have trained the staff in bush knowledge as well as fire arms. We have done tracking and have even acquired some of our own equipment. But at this point we are facing truth and facts, that what we have is not enough. Tshukudu is in dire need of more: bullet proof vests | night vision Scopes for rifles and goggles | radio ear pieces | additional perimeter fencing and fence sensors. If you are able to assist please contact Jessica Sussens



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