Trophy Group sponsors lion research

Tosha van Niekerk, John Deyer, John Hyde and Robyn Gilbert with Chantelle Luther in front of the Toyota Hilux that the Trophy Group is sponsoring to be used in the KNP Lion Demographic Study for a year.

HOEDSPRUIT - The Ajubatus Foundation funds specialist research into endangered species. Their most recent project, the KNP Lion Demographic Study, is now in its 18th month. Over seven years it will look at the influence of bovine TB and other diseases, as well as other factors, on the dynamics of 22 lion prides in the park. This is believed to be the largest study of lions ever undertaken in the Kruger National Park, and possibly in Africa. According to John Dyer, founder of Ajubatus, the current theory is that the lion population is declining because the alpha males may not be able to hold on to their territories for long enough, and the females due to a shortened life span produce fewer cubs, possibly due to the influence of bovine TB. These are some of the issues which the lion study will focus their investigation on.

  The Ajubatus Foundation provides the project with key resources such as funding for scientists and vehicles. To assist, three of the companies within the Trophy Group (Toyota; Vehicle Rentals & Transfers; Travel & Tourism) have joined together to sponsor the use of a double cab Toyota Hilux for a year for the project. The vehicle was handed over to John Dyer by John Hyde from the Trophy Group on September 28.



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